Motto: Part 1

Well, after a long silence,finally I have started blogging again. The intention behind this endeavor is to share some of my experience as a research scholar in IIT Kharagpur,so that many students,friends and followers get some benefits or can find  answers to the numerous questions they come across at the beginning of their career,or  after completeion of their college or high school.

As a student from a not-so-well-known private engineering college,I have suffered the lack of exposure in my Btech days.I had to struggle a lot to gather information about how to develop my knowledge in my discipline. In India, most of the people lack information and resources..either about the book they should study , or about the way they should proceed in their field of interest.

Many of my juniors often ask me about which books one should follow to be in the elite colleges after GATE. Other even do not know what advantage they can get after giving GATE or applying for higher studies.
There are so many loop-holes in the educational policies of our country. For example, very few students from the State-board schools are aware about the various scholarships available from India Government. Most of the small town students do not aware about the KVPY Fellowship or Olympiads. Others from the villages and small towns who are studying in their native language, face a tremendous challenge while appearing at a National Level Test. In spite of their talent, they lack preparation and perform poorly at high school level. It often breaks their confidence and ruin their dream/career.
I believe an educational system should be based on purely knowledge regardless of who your teachers are,who are guiding you or what exposure you are getting at your high school or undergraduate level.
Being in a IIT is a great opportunity for me to earn my confidence back and again believing in following my dreams. In my spare time,I want to share all my experiences as an academician and the possible resources to my fellow students so that they can follow their dream regardless of what exposure they got at school or college level.


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