I Ching, Love, Horoscope and an emotional fool :D

I hate horoscope. Whenever they are saying certain good things, they never happens,( even though helps me a lot to have a better day dream… :D)..And when they say bad things, surprising , reminds me of my own bad qualities and vices..( who does not hate remembering own mistakes and flaws??)..and the perfectionist and the lazy self -acclaimed creative  genius starts fighting with the day-dreamer. As the final outcome, the lazy fellow wins, the perfectionist gets frustrated and gives up and the day dreamer ends the dream.. returns to the real world…But the lazy fellow, never gives up. That fellow continues to wander about the validity/mystery/pseudo-logic and mathematics behind those numbers, continues thinking is there any real significance or they are actually utterly crap of imaginative old men.

The worse happens when I read the I-Ching. It often predics some thing which often holds similarities with my daily life. The fact is more frustrating because that’ll increase once’s affinity towards the Chinese messages. if some good happens to you in a bad phase as predicted by I-ching, even if you know its stupid, the next time in a similar situation you’ll keep waiting …

however, the idea of ICHING is awesome. The balancing factors of good and bad, feminine and masculine power,day and night..every thing in this universe can be explained, from the laws of electromagnetism to the basic biological creative units of ours.. I wonder, why the famous Scorpio women gets so much problems in their personal life ( eg. Susmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Indira Gandhi etc, etc. Most of the Scorpio women /I  know or read or met so far, are much ahead in achieving stuffs than their other zodiac counterparts, they have a very selfish outlook, sharp logical virtue,  strong emotions towards their near and dear ones and remarkably masculine emotional features. So far, I have never found any of them who can be called as a soft-sweet girl   Is it by con-incidence, pseudo-logic or there are certain environmental/celestial aspects that make a child behave accordingly based on where in which weather it has been born,  that was once mapped by ancient wise men to a theory called Horoscope and then got polluted by greedy Bramhins as Astrology.

Its very easy to ignore something saying its pathetically stupid imagination, but its the imaginations that make us dream and thereafter , create a better, controlled, comfortable world.  Without imagination, one can never become dis-satisfied with what she/he does not have. And without those dis-satisfaction of finding solutions, no invention is possible ( except some alien comes to you and teach u how to cook or  build pyramid , as predicted by some people.. 🙂

Started with horoscope, now the writing turns to alliens, which reminds me of a recent movie starring Nicolas Cage, where the world is getting destroyed and a few breed of children got saved by aliens for future newly created world.This again mapping to one of my all-time frustrating thought: The Doomsday. I still remember how I cried on seeing Jurasic Park while 4 years old. Ii was told scientists in America is doing research on that. And I started crying in the cinema hall fearing, what will I do, if dinosaurs return. ..then I was told, dinosaurs will not return, once they returned, but then some comet blasts etc etc happened, and everything got destroyed. I still remember asking what will happen if those blast again happens, the answer was, next time the world will be destroyed if something like that happens. So, for few weeks I remained clam, stopped being notorious, started listening to my mother, thinking if there is a blast, nothing will b there and I’ll not see my mother again, I can never climb the beautiful mango tree again, I can never go to the huge ground and find the ghosts at night. Nothing will be there. not even my secret garden with cradles, little mountain of stones  and caves..From that day onward, I used to pray to God each day, for the next one year perhaps,”Dear God, please don’t destroy this beautiful world”, and used to cry secretly in fear of losing everything..I still wonder, what made me such stupidly philosophical at that age. One day my father noticed it, and told me one of the finest lessons one can learn from life. We all know that perhaps, but keep ignoring them for surviving in the best possible way..and then one day, we need to face ourselves, and doubts disappears.. 🙂

My father, being in Indian Navy for 15 years and roaming India in the first 30 years of life, led a great and adventurous life. Then he married my beautiful mom, raised me and my sister, and tried his best to balance between operating NGOs and beeing a caring Father, responsible husband and an inspiring and encouraging Guide to his children…. Someday, I’ll write about all the adventures he did in his life..Alas, I can never try the sea-diving, at least as of now.

Sometimes, I wish to live a life like these,minus the stuffs that’ll make me stop breathing in the fresh year in the fear of losing them.

Becoming philosophical in each hour. Once one of my friend said, more he drinks, more he realizes this world’s strange unnecessary existence etc etc..

However, I can be a much more practial philosopher, without a sip.

..Thats the fun of random thought at 03:00 a.m. with an empty stomach..:D..l

So th conclusion is: Don’t take in heart the bad things what others say about you: wheather ICHING  or those who does/does not  matters. Try to improve, though. And live with a fearless heart, regret less mind, dreamy eyes, and memories of love.

We only have one single life to live. At the end, only happiness will triumph…:)


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