My Tryst With Quantum Cryptography

So, its time to write down all the fun I had for the last two months..Unless I write it now, I can never write it..Going home next week..Yahooo.The good thing is ,just finishing a challenging task, I have got into another exciting project. I am really loving it. Bad thing is, it seems other people thinks I have nothing to do in my life other than patents, that why i have becoming stressed.Its true I am very stressed now a days, but that has nothing to do with patents. Actually the works, and these patents are the only gateway to ignore my stresses. I have started loving them. How a single twist in the arrangement of words can save millions of dollars from a company’s pocket, how , like a detective searching for a clue, we need to search for certain aspects with a great deal of patience to invalidate a patent. May be someday I’ll write them in my autobiography.. 😀

The fun of roaming inside the incredible world of Quantum Cryptography began with a twist. That time, I was still in my training phase, and we all new joiners needed to do a project on LCD Display. Even if I tried my best in studying the amazing stuffs of  Liquid Crystal Technology and gone through some 200 interesting patents, at the last moment I made mistakes and could not give my best. It made me very very frustrated..(Completely unnecessary though, sometimes a few of the HAIMABATI Syndromes really make my life pathetic from inside, even if everything is perfect from outside..)..Those frustration of making mistakes at last moment made me utterly sad and continued to haunt me..Reminded me all the old failures I faced for making mistakes at the last moments..and became complicated ever since..The nagging tensed crybaby , whom I ordered to hibernate, again awake and start whining like as always..and the worst part is, my friends had to suffer a lot for that..  😀

..(OMG, how a sweet cute girl like me make her life so pathetic by herself. 😀 )

..Anyways, all other batch mates got some other works to do. Therefore, I also went to my mentor and ask for some work….And, surprisingly, he asked me to do a Landscape Report on Quantum Cryptography…

And, with in a second of hearing my topic, I went to cloud nine.

Over-excitement is often irritating to some people. I myself get irritate over me a lot for that..but, Quantum Crytpography is something I thought to read once upon a time when I started reading on Ph0tonic Crystals, Sub-micron hetero-structure electron transport and other fascinating things related to classical mechanics in my B-Tech. I could not make my M.S. Research on those topic due to poor GATE performance. May be in organized reading of too advance topics and too much of day dreaming at that time was a major reason behind that. But, at the end of the B-Tech, I  had one IEEE paper, without borrowing ideas/work from others except my co-author, one sweetest sincere professors I have ever met , and managed to enter in that beautiful library of IIT Kharagpur with a student card.

That library has come amazing collection on books on Quantum Communication and Quantum Cryptography. I always used to issue those books. But at the end of the day, after doing my research and project work in a completely different topic, I hardly had any time. Also, that time I promised my self I’ll only focus on what I actually need to do/read. Going in deep of something interesting which I don’t need for present may return those failures I faced in my life during vital stages.

And, I did get success in achieving what I wanted.

However, this led to an uncherished dream of diving inside the Quantum World for the last two years. I kept issuing those books and returning them..but could never proceed beyond 1st chapter..

Just two days back, I was dreaming about the old sweet afternoons at kgp library, those lovely stacks and those silent friends of mine looking at us…and then, that day, He asked me to do the Landscape on Quantum Cryptography.

Those who does not know what a landscape is can see this. Doing landscape is the best way to have an overview on that technology in a broader sense, and doing problem/solution analysis of  around 50 patents not only will make your understanding strong, you can also predict what are the possibilities of the technologies, where the research should get directed to make the technology more applicable/profitable. I learned a lot, not only from Information/knowledge point of view, but also from the creative point of view. Most importantly, I again returned to my first love, Physics. Though I could not go in that much detail to finish it fast, and to keep it in track, the encouragement I got from my seniors were really encouraging. They are amazingly helpful here.When I listen to my other IIT  batch mates working in other companies, I really feel how lucky I am. May be that is one of the many reasons, unlike those friends, I started enjoying working here from the very first day. finishing it early was really a feel-good-factor as always. But I could make it better if worked in a smarter way, specially related to handling the thousands of data for class codes etc etc..

All right, if we don’t commit mistakes, how can we become better?


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