Steve Job, India and Indian Steve Jobs

The Magician died. Ever since he died, other than his biography, achivements, visionary and creative genious, the web is flooding with one more discussion, especially from Indian Media: How India changed his life in his teens etc. etc.

That reminds me of a novel I read long ego: The Razor’s Edge by W.Somerset Maughm. It was one of the novels which I  believe, shaped my feelings and opinion on the World, Relationship etc. After a long long time I am remembering this novel. Some times, love and sense of gratitude destroys our individuality, freedom of expression. We become poisoned in our own insecurities. We forget who we are, what we want to be, how we’ll act. We get confused with ourselves, our dos and don’ts. Then, at moments, the old memories come. Past achievements. past memories of dream, of past people, how our live had positively influenced some people in their biggest dark-phase, how we made significant difference in people’s life but never noticed or praised our self enough to remember them. When we are able to recollect these memories, our poisonous sense of possession, ego, destructive hunger for being recognized of our feelings and expectation from near and dear ones make a peace with our mind.

The Razor’s Edge is the journey of a young soldier in the quest of getting the answer of the biggest questions of all time, to find our selves  while encountering love, betrayal, lose of friendship, but never ever giving up hope.

Now, being one of the most significant novels of my life, once I start telling about the novel, I’ll  be deviated soon from the main topic for which I felt the urge to write something.

About the Indian Steve Jobs..

Indian Steve Jobs?wtf? really?

If there are some inventors/creative genius among us in India, then where is our Nobel prize? Why we need to borrow Idea or need to wait for imported canon? Why we have Infosys, but not a single company like Google? Why we perform so poorly at world-wide Invention Report?

Once upon a time, being a research student with the dream of inventing something, it often haunted me. And it still does when I search US/European PTOs to get important patents, but hopelessly give up while searching Indian Patents. Someone even asked me one day, Indian Patents? really? So they exist in electronic form too?

What a shame for the so called country of IT Giant, for a country where scientists like Meghnad Saha, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Satyendranath Bose once discovered or invented few of ground breaking stuffs, for a country where we used to proudly cram list of ” this thing got invented by Indians in so and so century” during or middle school quiz competeions.


The problems are, I believe, in three fold.

At the grass route level, the Government organizations, policies, and a part of the people. (they are always there to get the blames as always, any way)

And the problems with the mindset of students who can play a significant role in the research,

and then, the biggest problem: “Show me the money, honey.”

Before I start pouring my opinion further, let me put my defense guard on, because, in near future I am going to write my opinion under this post, which may be highly controversial. As of now, its 4 am, I am damn hungry, sleepy and irritated over my two-days old fever.

Wish i have Prof. Shanku‘s Miracuralls with me…:(


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