HP:Awesomeness Level- Life Changing

I love these books..
What a fool I am to ignore them for past 14 years as too main-stream a phenomenon which may not be worth reading…Another reason was, I was scared to get hurt if my imagination from the white pages would not match the Hollywood block blusters.

I was waiting patiently, if all the movies are good enough,then may be I’ll read some day.

And what a mistake it was.

In movies (I only have seen upto Goblet of Fire properly. The next 3 parts were not good and I saw them from IIT-DC with pathetic prints) I liked Prof. Lupin and Albus Dumbledor most. Hermione, as portrayed by Emma Watson, was interesting with her passion for learning, Ron and Nevil were always cute worthless loser to me. and Harry, a bit reserved, scared and un-expressive (except the 1st part, where all were extremely cute and fresh).

But now, I have finished the first four parts and in love with all of them.
If I ever going to have the capacity (may be someday, who know !!!), I would love to remake the Harry Potter movies in a much happier and colorful tone.

Once someone said me, to him, I was exactly like Hermione, but for past 10 years I am becoming like Hagrid.

I did not realize his comments. Though may be he is trying to either make fun of me or impress me or sympathize me or making a sarcasm. But now I know why he said what and feeling extremely proud and happy and confident.

Once again things have started getting better . The little Hermione is definitely going to return..back.

Once upon those few horrible light flash, Imperio ……….Confundo…..Crucio came and burn. But I am not the only one. There are plenty with worse condition.

Curse. And Counter Curse. 😀

It seemed some one inside my head kept telling me: Avada Kedavra , but I fought bravely.

Even if there will be no one to perform Obliviate , Protego Horribilis, Quietus, i survived.

I no-longer need any of them cause’ I have started receiving the Rennervate, Scourgify , Salvio Hexia ..

So many things I learned, remembered, relived, expressed. One day I am definitely going to write them here.

Leave the past, live the present, remember Snape?

J.K.Rowling, you just saved me…….


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