Wisdom from a Dreamer: Part 3

As I am convinced that how we react to situations is more important than what happens to us, I enjoy when I see people jealous of me. At times I feel sad if they are close to my heart. I expect them to understand my point of view. But we are living in a time when attitude==not how considerate and wise you are, but how you can show off your egoist enigma to others.  Also, the way we conceive stuffs are much different than our friends does.

At the end, if I am right, one day they’ll surely understand and I’ll get what I deserve. Or else, if I am wrong, I’ll learn my lesson someday and improve.

So, its a win-win situation.

Now the question is, when someone insults you out of jealousy, what you should do? The obvious reaction is: Protest, fight and teach him/her a lesson. But that is an immediate reactive way to approach the situation. I do not do this anymore. Why not?
1)There is no guarantee he is actually jealous of you. May be he is dealing with his own personal frustration;
2)May be you have hurt him in some way unknown to you and he is seeking revenge
3)He is not jealous and may be he is right. Its you who failed to see the true fact.

In case he is truly jealous in a wrong way, I’ll try to find a sweet solution to make him realize his fault , in case I am right. I’ll focus on improving my own conduct, so that he can realize himself. Fight/Arguments only increase the negative stuffs in a cumulative way if one do not handle them with solid softness and proactive attitude.

In a nutshell I’ll focus on my own self-improvement towards perfection, because I am convinced people wont accept their faults easyly, especially when they are suffering from multiple emotional complexes . So, there is no point in arguing or fighting and losing my own energy 🙂


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