Wisdom on money :P

Just got the punishment for not following the famous quote of “Early to Bed and Early to Rise makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and WIse”..I just got my punishment of being late-riser, I lost more money than  my friends get as monthly scholarship in IIT. 😦

I have a big heart and I am not actually Kanjus. Though its true that I love counting money. I really feel a little sense of joy when paychecks come to my account. or when I count a 500 with 1rupee/2rupee coin change. At the first 2 weeks of the month, like most of the other people in my age-group, I feel like a king/happy/successful.

But soon after I verify my play-slip/ bank-statement, I find that Money can’t make me happy. More money I earn, I remember how much money I have missed for my laziness (Read LOP: Late coming :P). how much I spent unnecessarily or unwisely in last few months etc. I spend a considerable amount in food. Actually all the money i spend each month, 70% behind food (lavish lunch-dinners in weekends to overcome my lonely boredom in this city and to celebrate my earnings :P), beverages, export -quality fruits, chocolate etc –which actually is making me fat and addicted and unhealthy, However, when I realize that, I feel very angry on me for not being able to control my longing for lavishly packed chocolates, beautiful smell of pastry from Hyderabadi bekari and famous Hyderabadi chicken Biriyani from selected restaurants) , 25% my home-rent and well-beings and 5% for travelling.

I love spending on food and travelling and books. Then I realize I crossed my budget and have spent too much on spicey out-side food. It makes me depressed for the next few days and I promise to renounce any lavish food which is not good for a simple-eating vegetarian life-style (which I aim to follow soon)

Thus I end up being a Kanjus Person for the last 10 days of the month 😀 . This makes me utter unhappy.

So , in a nutshell, money increases the thirst of having more money because the more you earn, the more you want to afford semi-necessary/un-necessary stuffs which were once outside your reach but now you can afford. Now, once you afford them, you may feel you have spent too much, so you have to slow-down in spending. But you already enjoyed spending, so slowing down means suppressing your feelings in buying certain interesting things, which will remind you that you are not a millionaire yet and you have loads of responsibility, important assignments which require significant investments. This, in turn will remind you how much you spend in wrong stuffs or how much you could earn if you did/did not do certain things and how much you need to invests in really important matters.

As a result, at the end, you’ll be unhappy if you don’t know how to save and spend and have the balance of priority, greed and whining.

A shame. 😦

The never ending cycle. 😛


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