The White Tiger , a few handful of jerks iand why we need self-help in a regular dose : part one

We are living in a world of people with big ambition. We are living in a world where we are striving to be the best, do the best, achieve the best. Compete to collaborate and collaborate to compete. We have self-help books, inspiring movies, daily stories of local heroes. We, deep inside, always know the answer : what is good, bad, right, wrong, relative truth, naked truth or utterly false.

And what we exactly do?


Because we all are too busy to be a survivor,or may be  a glorious one on the top of the pyramid. And in this daily battle, we have no time left to see the big picture that we directly or indirectly affecting.

We teach our children why its important to be in top 10, but don’t teach them why life is still worth living even after a childhood with no achievement to brag. We teach them why they should feel grateful for the rest of their lives to us, because we gave the best education, a great apartment in  a big city or a weekly fun in the grand malls.But we don’t teach them that one tenth of the cost of their swiss chocolate can buy a month’s happiness to 100 children living across the street. And why should we? After we all worked hard to afford these good lives.

And then, our children grow up, and we get old. And we expect them to behave properly , treat us with respect even when we are  just a bunch of old fool full with cracks in our heads, wirnkles in our face and no idea where we are going to end once we are retired . The time when we can’t give them the money they enjoyed. The time when they can’t feel the pride they felt for having a set of cool parents like us. Time when they learn there is a sexier metro than Delhi , or bigger malls back in States.

We start feeling sorry for us, for the sacrifices we made to give them the best of everything,exactly when the rudeness our children show to us.

We started feeling regret  for the ungrateful jerks we have raised.

For the rest of our lives , therefore , we keep on searching for the real happiness, not the fun we had when we are the young adults fully in control of our lives. And then they come to us, ruining their lives through pretending friends, drug addiction, sucking job schedule.They want to complain, or worse, want to ignore and say silently : “You, you guys were so wrong. You guys never told us there will be a pathetic world once you grow up. You guys never told us about our second-grade citizenship back inUS. You guys never told us there is no love out there, because we all are becoming same , waiting for the rose-garden that we deserve for our over-priced education or hard-work. Why ? Why you did not tell me about the price of real happiness that money can’t buy, or the two shots of over-priced whiskey ? How long we can fool ourselves with the shopping bags? Didn’t you make us intelligent enough to not to get occupied with the clothes we buy or watch we brag? Why you never told us that  when we’ll appear smart and speak English like a native in call center and eat pizza and drink and pretend we are the smartest of the unique lot in midnight of Gurgaon road and then the stupid village idiot who cracked the IPS with his 10 year old filthy T-shirt come catch us for something we pay to do? What’s wrong with you guys, you old fool? ”

The answer may be, we taught them to be successful but we defined success in a very wrong way.


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