The great depression !!

Second World War ended , India Got freedom, Man reached Moon, Bangladesh was born,  Noxalite Movement killed thousands and thousands of young brilliant and bright people. Mother Teresa got Noble Prize, Nelson Mandela got Noble Prize, Black People started getting equal rights, Cable Tv, Telephone got popularized in the world, International Space Station started operating, Apple Microsoft Xerox Parc HP did wonder in connecting people, Computer achieved remarkable feat, VLSI revolutionized the world, Google Facebook Qualcomm redefined the world of information, knowledge and invention.

Have we changed?? Aren’t we the same afraid common mass busy in living and making marks?

It is depressing to learn about the world news now a days, about Boston Bombing, about people detained in airport for joining in an academic program ,about countries suffering crisis because they are too much confident about their own culture, about countries where internet is controlled to control the decency of the society,about systems where girls are still second class citizen and comparable to cow or horses.

The world is not what I thought. There is no pyramid.There is no Prism either.

It is still that spiral stair case as it was 500 years ego. What scientific invention can do to make our world better if we do not upgrade ourselves?


As human civilization we have miles to go. I hope we do not destroy ourselves in the path.


I remember one poem by Rabindranath Tagore:

যারে তুমি নিচে ফেল সে তোমারে বাঁধিবে যে নিচে,
পশ্চাতে রেখেছ যারে সে তোমারে পশ্চাতে টানিছে।

The ones you are throwing down will one day drag and bond you down to their level,
The ones you are keeping behind in order to make your own progress will one day pull you from behind.

When we are busy in progressing for a betterment, if we do not take the unprivileged ones with us, one day they will be the ones creating immense hinders in our path to move forward.

The chaos in Indian Caste based reservation, politics are the living truth of that.


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