Inspiration from 10-Dool-Do

People even did not stop criticizing Sachin. When he made a century and India won, he was treated as God. When he had a century and India lost, they termed him as selfish. When he did not have a century and India lost, he was termed as incompetent under pressure.

People will say stuffs. When you’ll produce good, they’ll first say, you are lucky or someone helped you, some even further say mean stuffs if you are a girl. Then they’ll challenge you. If you lose, its celebration for them. If you win, they’ll hold grudge and wait for your next big failure.

If you choose a target beyond your reach for a time being, you have to keep moving forward until its within your reach. Failure will come along the way. But you have to keep on trying until you have won enough to get too occupied to listen to the crude comments, until your head is high above the crowd, the stupid dumb crowd. Remember, people even did not spare Sachin. You are an ant to his glorious achievements.


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