Happyness is, simply staying positive

The world is a reflection. If your mind is a garbage bin, you will perceive others as the same garbage. If your mind is a calculagtive structured over-crowded city, you will continue to think like a building block. About roads, traffic, crowd , and how to be safe in that crowd. If your mind is like a forest, you´ll accept others  as the new breed of plant, you´ll accept yourself as a budding growing tree. If your mind is as black as a desert, no matter how much rain is there for you, you will  continue to remain in the same dark emtyness. If your mind is like a river, the young playful stream of water flowing on the muddy bed, no ammount of rock can stop you if you collect  and gather your water in the right way. You´ll cut through rock, turn mountain stones to dust, and flow freely in waterfall.


Hence, protect your mind from those who make it a garbage bin 🙂
and upgrade the recycler. 😉

Thanks to piano-guys for making my day awesome:



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