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Was watching this video .

And got nostalgic .

Being a bengali girl who heard great ancestral achievements in the undivided India I always wondered about the what ifs of history. People view history in school as not a subject worthy to study when you are brilliant. It is taught as the series of facts and figures. The need to remember and digest often compelled me to hate it. As my grandparents are from current Bangladesh, apparently I lost a great deal of prosperity for something as omnipotent as partition when a bunch of choosen ones played as God and affected billions of people directly or indirectly for the next 100 years.

As I grew up and realized how much important it was for me, when most my friends from  local  families were clueless about it, I got curious ans started reading about history. I got obsessed and addicted. But that is a different story.

I so wish politicians at least now stop spoiling wealth of the two brother nations and manipulate people for war.

You won’t realize what a Pakistani is unless you come to a non-english speaking Europian country ,you’ll get lost in places and see the only one to talk with you in a familiar language is from the place you learned to hate throughout.

When I see a Pakistani here, as a shop-keeper mostly,or in restaurants, I do not feel fear like I used to do in the name of Pakistan back in home . I feel nice to talk to them. There are so many Pakistanis from Punjub who are living here for last 15 years. Their wives wear  the dresses I used to wear once. I feel so homely.

And then I start to think, the what ifs of our freedom movement, the rulers and attacks, the history we were taught and the history that were hidden from us, the lost heroes, the acting heroes, and the pseudo-heroes. The stories where teenage girls got kidnapped from UK and prisoned in Pakistani villages as prostitutes for the crime of being Sikh. I think about the abuses we use for each other’s mothers and sisters in youtube comments , for the trifling matters of Nusrat Fateh Ali vs. Sonu Nigam.

I feel puzzled , lost and sad. For at the end of the day it is not any particular religion or race. It is about abusing or being abused. About making a point on control and dominance and claim of superiority over others, about spreading own agenda.

And human stupidity and inherent fear of losing.

And there is no better tool than women to dominate a bunch of people. For women and land are what help human race to get going. So women should be treated as precious stones hidden carefully. Snatch away that stone and you can drag the enemy with maximum potential.

And then I rember how we the moder women feel liberated when we use  abuses like ..teri maa ki, blah blah.  ut on the other hand, women are not supposed to abuse. Honestly, is there any abusive words any one knows that is not involving women’s body and rather tells about men ?All abuses are centred about women’s bodies for that is what most significant thing through out history around the world to dominate a clan and control the progress of the race. 

War is all about that. The winners will then get the prize: the land and the women.There is something human race enjoy. Being dominant.

That is why we are what we are in nature. The superior species.

Perhaps no one knows that more than US, for we got attacked so many times by people invading our country. But when ancient Gupta Kingdom was there, war was not about being more barbaric. It was about chivalary, courage and strategy. War was different.

300 years and the two countries are too busy to fight with each other that we forgot how similar we are.we were . we used to be.

The only positive thing is, even after Buddhism got wiped out from our country, somehow as one of the ancient civilization, unlike others, we survived with all our great past stories.May be our ability to digest and compromise and accommodate other without complaining too much.

Found this


Wondering how kids of 23rd century are going to write about us ? Will they remain as nearly stupid as we are  or artificial intelligence will replace politicians and make a better system.Apparently, the news around the world suggests we are the same bunch of idiots with better gadgets. Only easy information access made the smart ones smarters and dumb ones dumbers. And people has a bit help to express themselves.
( too long post and the thought took too many turns perhaps. But to me, deep inside they all appear to be connected)

An awesome attempt on this issue:


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