On being a hypocrit

Arrange Marriage: Don´t talk to strangers. but marry them if we choose him for you.


Love is a state of mind derived from chemical reactions, some basic set of attraction- criteria, social and peer conditions to make people stupid and give them training or experience for future manipulations of emotion for themselves, for the people they are going to live with. How many people can actually love the person they were in love with if , with time, the basic set of attractive attributes vanishes? Social condition stagnates, peer conditions get modified? If Love conquers all, what about the acid-throing on the girl who said NO to the road-side Romio madly in love with her? Did love failed to conquer the jealosy?

What about the wife who manipulated her husband for the sake of love, to send his eldest son to forest?

What about the man who abandoned his wife for the sake of his people who won´t accept a molested wife as their queen? Did love vanish there?

What about the woman who burned herself for the sake of love for her husband was not invited. And later the husband remarried with a justification, the new wife is a re-incarnation?

What if its just a need to get attached to someone special to feel secure and protected and happy and not lonely.

What if it is actually nothing but anthropological self-interest to make sure they get the right person to carry on the their genetic legacy and have a better emotional safety.

So many successful people, who loved humanity (apparently) but proved themselves miserable in relationships?
Einsten wrote a set of rules and regulations for his wife. Picasso has plenty of affiars, Gandhi hardly was a caring protective husband, John Lenon abused his girlfirend, physically. Francine Faure apparently was suicidally depressed for his husband´s love affiars, ove after another.

And again these all men are the great thinkers who contributed to the new world of modernsm, freedom, art, literature, music, science.

Perhaps, Woody Allen was right.

what if,to remain happyly married and beautiful requires two things:1) Remain empty inside, ignoring the facts, focusing on the will power and objective of life, 2)Remain in a state of self-denial , imagination, forgiveness, spiritualy sound human-ness

Or may be, living with full of self deception and compromises and taking that as normal.

You know you are not right for someone and you still continue to be with that person. Is it love? Or is it fear, insecurities, emotioanl need, attachement, weekness or plain and simple hypocracy.Or may be it is actually a great mutual chemistry where the vacantness in one get fulfilled by the other, the shells fit in right, with an invisible bonding.

What if its just inside your mind for the long years of reading books on love, listening to lyrics from nice melodious songs, dreams of crazy dumb childhood stories ? We celebrate love more than we actually love people (ofcourse not in the initial stage of a relation).

What if this need and want of belonging to someone is nothing but a fucking self-assuarnce that enables us to witness wonderful moments governned by chemical reactions by brain (which, being a background process, do not let us realize the truth) to help human species reproduce faster with improved genetic attributes?

What if making someone feel special is another way to feed our super ego of being great?

I mean you do something important for someone to help them change their lives. But so many men and women out there doing the same for millions of people they even dont know. They love what they do for they feel that´s their purpose of being. Having a nice ‘purpose of being’ is the reason for them to be good to others. Ofcousre some people do that for political adavatages or to have a better image? How different are the two scenarios? Especially if you keep on feeling extreme good about yourself for being good and helpful to others?

What if love was popularized to save humanity rom being alone, quarelsome, to maintian harmony by adjusting with another human being, to grow the socity so that we can progress as a superior collaborative communal specis with a better emotional and social intellengence, that will help us in long run.

Experts´s suggestions: If karma is a bitch, love is a bigger bitch

It will make you the best you can be. And then, unlike that popular Disney-Mills&Boons  Happyly-eveer-after -Believe, it will expire . Our girls should be alerted right from their school about this. We should sstop feeding them stories of princes and princesses. Insead we should teach them histories where basically the princess were used as teh tool to make political connections with neighbouring kingdoms. We should tell them real stories of kings who took wives after wives, even after having dozens of sons. Or else women will continue to play the role of  the fairer gender in human society.

And giving women reservation to upgrade the parcentage is definitely not a smart  solution. This not only question a woman´s ability, but also the hinders progree for many potential men, and many women can actually misuse it beying repair.

We should work in grass-root level to change the steryo-type.


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