Big Bang Theory and Feminism

There is a difference between simplicity and innocence. If you take someone´s simplicity as stupidity that´s not her fault. As far as innocense, the very basic concept of innocence has been created to make women appear pure, stupid, vulnerable and so easyly controllable. Even 3 year old kids are not innocence this days. Sheldon Cooper can appear innocence in terms of dating game. So does Ammy. But that does not make them innocense. That make them inexperiences, and at times stupid. On the other hand, Penny, no matter how much men she slept with, still manage to fall in love with a jerk after a jerk, even if there is such a great potential husband infront of her as Lenard. So, inspite of Pennys´s hundreds fo date and the coitus that followed, isn´t she more innocence than Amy in that respect?

On the other hand, smart  independent women like Priya are usually the steriotype careerist bitch most men are afriad of. As Shelpdon Cooper said, she knows it all. Yet Lenard wanted to be with her, controlled by her.

We need feminism so that women can be left alone without being judged too much for the weakness of others.

Men, be better human being


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